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mother earth

Learning to walk

We are the masters of our thoughts. It’s good to remember it when we are in sorrow. We can decide the direction of our thoughts.

Some people enter in our lives and share with us part of our journey, then for various reasons, the paths divide. We can decide whether to languidly abandon ourselves to sadness, to fill our heads with a thousand questions and regrets, or to look ahead and bring with us all the good that they left us with. (more…)

Dressed in white

Snowdrops are the most fearless ones, they sprout through the last snow, stubborn and simple. Then there’s the hawthorn, with its pure spots scattered in the scrubs, delicate counterpoint to brown tones. With the first shy green stains, we found at last blackthorns and cherry trees, that open the way to the florescence of bright and vivid colours. (more…)