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We are not used to reading poetry, too demanding, too difficult and obscure, but even so each of us holds in their heart some verses, fragments that were able to sneak into the remote corners of our souls, and that sometimes emerge on the surface and talk to us.

I was in high school, during my English literature classes, and the teacher was explaining the Romantic poets. They were a bit too dramatic and heart wrenching according to my tastes, but as you all know, every rule has its exception, and mine was called Daffodils.


A question of time

It’s one of those great loves that take years to fully express themselves, loves made of patience, care, acceptance, attention.

Film photography it’s all this for me. I still belong to a generation that saw its fall and the consequent rise of all things digital, and that is now redescovering the beauty and fascination for “the old way”. Call it nostalgia, or better a need to slow down and take time. (more…)

Life on Film

No more waiting, eventually I had my first film developed. I opened the pack from the lab with a mixture of excitement and worry, having no idea of the result, and then I started looking at the photos one by one. Some shots were vivid in my mind as if I had just captured the, some others have almost been a surprise. More than a few mistakes, and others are exactly as I had imagined them.

I love black and white, it’s textures, the grain, the imperfection of every single image that makes it unique.

I can’t wait to continue this adventure into the analog, it’s a path to (re)discover, and my Leica is there waiting for a new film.

{The photographs were taken with a Leicaflex SL on a Kodak 400TX black and white negative film.}

torino, piazza carignano (more…)