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adventure is out there

With my feet far from the ground

Lightly swaying along the rhythm of the waves. The water, crystal clear, with its infinite shades of light blue, green, turquoise, melting with the colour of the sky far at the horizon. If you listen carefully, here’s the chirping of cicadas, leitmotiv of Mediterranean summer afternoons.

This is my postcard from summer, a snapshot warming the first cool autumn days, and that brings me back to the marvelous isles of Porquerolles and Port Cros, on the French Riviera. (more…)



The weather forecast said that Saturday would be a sunny but windy day. During the week some snow finally fell down, and no I won’t stay at home, but head to the mountains instead. Destination: Mont Cenis.

Early waking up, abundant breakfast, and then up there on top to face cold and most of all a whipping and unforgiving wind. Camera in hands, shooting is almost an excuse to meet up with some friends and spend time together in a winter landscape postcard. (more…)