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Pure happiness filling my eyes

Sometimes I face life as if I had to apologize. It is an image that I read years ago, I can’t remember in which novel or story: immediately annoyed, I then made it my own. What irritates us, after all, is nothing but a reflection of what we are, of an aspect of us that we may not want to see and that we would like to change. Over time these words have often come back to my mind and they still peep out sometimes. (more…)

Learning to walk

We are the masters of our thoughts. It’s good to remember it when we are in sorrow. We can decide the direction of our thoughts.

Some people enter in our lives and share with us part of our journey, then for various reasons, the paths divide. We can decide whether to languidly abandon ourselves to sadness, to fill our heads with a thousand questions and regrets, or to look ahead and bring with us all the good that they left us with. (more…)