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A simple garden

Living in an age of images, where photography (and appearance), color and shape, have taken over and dominate, other characteristics, more difficult to communicate, have been lost and neglected. As fragrances, for example.*

Life can be ironic sometimes: in the middle of winter, when days are shorter, the weather is cold and grey, and nature is quietly sleeping, I happened to read some books about gardens and gardening. Among them all, the one that has carved out a special place in my soul is Un giardino semplice (A Simple Garden),  written by Paolo Pejrone, an Italian architect specialised in gardening and landscape design. (more…)

Shakespeare & tea


If there’s something that I like about winter (in addition to snow) is to be able to enjoy my afternoons cuddled up on the couch with some good books, their thousand stories, and a warm cup of tea. I’ve always adored literature, in particular the English and in English ones (no, they’re not the same…), and I’ve discovered a passion for the theatre a couple of years ago. And for one like me, then, one of the best things that could happen in life is to go to the theatre and see a play by Shakespeare… in London! (more…)