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January 2017


We are not used to reading poetry, too demanding, too difficult and obscure, but even so each of us holds in their heart some verses, fragments that were able to sneak into the remote corners of our souls, and that sometimes emerge on the surface and talk to us.

I was in high school, during my English literature classes, and the teacher was explaining the Romantic poets. They were a bit too dramatic and heart wrenching according to my tastes, but as you all know, every rule has its exception, and mine was called Daffodils.


Fatal error

How weird to write about errors and mistakes on January 1st.

The approved and consolidated ritual requires an accurate list of New Year’s resolutions, many of which won’t even be able to see the end of this month. But we like to have great expectations for the months to come, and we like to add a burden on our shoulders… Ready? Steady? Go! The run starts. We love dreaming, so why not dreaming big, really big, at least once a year?

No, New Year’s resolutions are not a fatal error.