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July 2015

A bientôt, ma belle!

I met Bea at a job interview 5 years ago. A few minutes were all it took to be in sympathy with each other, and with the passing of time we became not only good colleagues but also great friends.

Today it was her last day at work. She’ll soon go back to her native city, Lyon, and start a new life there. I lose a valuable workmate, always ready to help when needed. But I am not sad. Even though we’ll live in different countries, I know that our friendship will continue to be strong, and that there will be plenty of occasions to meet as often as possible.

To you, Bea, I wish all the best. I know you’ll get it, whatever choices you make: your smile, your resoluteness, and your kind heart will take you exactly where you want to go.

See you soon!