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May 2014

My Roman Holidays – part 3


They say all things must come to an end, and this trip is no exception. After a short but lovely visit to the Castles of Rome and two intense days in Rome, now it’s time to go Tivoli, famous for Villa d’Este and Hadrian’s Villa.

I am leaving for Turin in the afternoon and I don’t have time to visit the residences; on top of that the sky is grey and menacing rain. Still, I want to enjoy my holiday until the very last moment and just take a tour of the town. (more…)

My Roman Holidays – part 2

roma, cupola di san pietro

After the visit – quick, but rich in colours and flavours – to the Castles of Rome, my holiday continues in the city of Rome with a plunge into the art and history of the Vatican Museums. Comfortable shoes, camera in my bag and eager to discover them, I begin what feels like a time travel among archaeological findings, paintings and frescoes, sculptures, tapestries, memorabilia and countless art collections. (more…)

My Roman Holidays – part 1

castelli romani

Holidays are made for travelling and during the Easter break I got the chance again to prepare my luggage, jump on a train and discover a bit more of this world. This time my destination was Rome.

I had been to Rome before, so I already knew most of the city and its most famous monuments and buildings. My trip now was more of a relaxed stroll around, and mostly dedicated to museums and art exhibitions. (more…)