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March 2014

Life on Film

No more waiting, eventually I had my first film developed. I opened the pack from the lab with a mixture of excitement and worry, having no idea of the result, and then I started looking at the photos one by one. Some shots were vivid in my mind as if I had just captured the, some others have almost been a surprise. More than a few mistakes, and others are exactly as I had imagined them.

I love black and white, it’s textures, the grain, the imperfection of every single image that makes it unique.

I can’t wait to continue this adventure into the analog, it’s a path to (re)discover, and my Leica is there waiting for a new film.

{The photographs were taken with a Leicaflex SL on a Kodak 400TX black and white negative film.}

torino, piazza carignano (more…)