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June 2013



Summer has come, at last. Maybe she’s a bit whimsical and unpredictable this year, but charming as every season.

My work on David and Georgina’s wedding photos goes on (every time I open them in Lightroom it’s such a big emotion), but in between summer and her golden light knock on the door.

You can’t stay at home, not even when the wind blows or you hear a storm coming from far away.

Summer won’t last long.


barcelona, carrer del mar

Every journey leaves you with memories and emotions, but some are more magical than others. I’ve always loved Barcelona very much, right from my very first visit there, and every time it’s been like coming home.

These were 4 unforgettable days. A perfect wedding, full of happiness and – yes – tears of joy; heavy rain alternating with sunshine that made everything unpredictable; long term friends and new ones, all of them special.

My luggage is void and back in its place again. But there are good memories, and lots of photographs.

Adéu Barcelona.