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May 2013

New beginnings


Here I am, celebrating this project that was born in my head more than a year ago and that has required several month of work to finally see the light, after false starts, second thoughts, various revisions and changes of plan.

It officially starts today, May 8th, on a spring day after a long winter of “hidden” work. There are still some doubts, and perfection – we know that – does not belog to this world, but you have to start somewhere. It’s not important where you come from, it’s about where you are headed, and I hope this will be a long and adventurous journey, full of special encounters and – obviously – of many photographs.

A special thank you to Loris who made all this possible with his infinite patience and precious work, and to all of my friends who encouraged and supported me during these months. And thank you to all of you who will pass by, look around for a few instants, and maybe decide to come back.

If you want to know more about me, you can read who I am here, or look around my photos on Tumblr while waiting for future posts here on this blog!